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Preparation for cleaning and degreasing
\nBest Max
\nWater-dilutable alkaline cleaning and degreasing preparation.
\nThe preparation perfectly copes with resistant, dried dirt and leaves the surface clean and degreased, ready for painting.
\nAlso works great as a cleaner for carbon steel, machinery, appliances, floors, etc.
\nReliable and irreplaceable in any maintenance department.
\nThe preparation contains corrosion inhibitors, so it can also be used on raw, non-corroding elements.
\nInstructions for use:
\n1: 5-1: 10 - strong impurity
\n1: 15-1: 20 - degreasing before painting
\n1: 30-1: 40 - degreasing with a Kaercher washing machine
\n1: 100-1: 200 - cleaning floors using scrubbing
\nThe preparation can be used for hand washing (apply the preparation to the cleaned surface, wipe it with a cloth or just rinse it - depending on the type of dirt), as well as in a high-pressure cleaner (Kaercher type), as well as by immersion or in desktop dishwashers.
\n• non-flammable
\n• biodegradable
\n• efficient and safe
\n• versatile use (degreasing before painting, degreasing of renovated elements, degreasing and cleaning machines, devices, floors, walls, etc.)
\n• economical product (highly dilutable, therefore costs less than undiluted solvent preparations)

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