BEST WELD 0.5L, Preparation against spatter during welding

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Preparation against spatter during welding
\nThe highest quality and effective anti-splash product. It reduces the adhesion of spatter on the welded surface by more than 90%. The preparation contains corrosion inhibitors.
\nPreparation preventing sticking of spatter during welding.
\nOur anti-spatter is very effective in welding (more than 90% of the spatter is removable and most of the spatter that remains on the surface will disappear when rubbed with a glove).
\nFurthermore, a very important advantage of our product is the very easy removal of the preparation itself after welding. Thanks to this, you can easily paint and even galvanize the surface after using the product.
\nAll these theses were proven and included in the decision made by the Welding Institute in Gliwice, where a number of tests (X-ray, macrostructure, tearing) were carried out and the result of effectiveness, no negative effect on the weld and no negative effect of the preparation on the galvanizing process, was very positive.
\nOur product is odorless, silicone-free, and oil-free, so it is very easy to remove after welding. The best option would be to degrease the surface with our Best Max degreaser - it is a very high quality and effective degreaser used for degreasing before painting, as well as for cleaning machines, devices, floors, etc.
\nBEST WELD anti-splash preparation leaves the surface dry after use, making it ideal for subsequent production stages such as painting or galvanizing.
\n- Non-flammable
\n- Very effective (certainly more effective than e.g. spray preparations)
\n- When welding, it does not release volatile substances harmful to health
\n- It does not contain oil compounds (like the vast majority of spray preparations), so there are no contraindications for use on materials subjected to subsequent stages of painting or galvanizing
\n- No spraying, saves time - increases efficiency. Higher efficiency means more profits for the company!
\n- Economy: Best Weld is even 4-5 times cheaper than spray preparations!!! In addition, time saving thanks to the absence of spraying and the possibility of galvanizing after using our preparation.

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